Operational Manager


WE ARE PROUDLY building a team who enjoys an alcohol-free, drug-free, nicotine-free, sober lifestyle. If you have the same passion as we do, you may be a perfect fit for our team!


The National Addiction Awareness Complex is looking for a career-minded, passionate individual for the position of Operational Manager. We are a team of pioneers who understand the need for the Awareness Complex and we are looking for a like-minded risk taker who is living a drug-free, alcohol-free and nicotine-free lifestyle. The Operational Manager must be a detail-oriented person with strong communication skills who is able to keep the team organized and manage and plan various daily functions. We are looking for someone who understands business follow through, can schedule various think tanks and plan focus groups. Please be sure to read Our Proud Mission. If you’re a one-of-a-kind person who believes in the mission of the National Addiction Awareness Complex, apply today.


Living within a short commute of our Denver, PA planning office is mandatory (work 95% from your remote office).

Living a drug-free, alcohol-free, nicotine-free lifestyle.




Cell Phone

Reliable Transportation

Internet Connection

Microsoft Office Suite



A Revenue Based Compensation Agreement is an agreement (Freelance contract) where you receive a set portion of funding for a specific project until you have received the full compensation stated in your contract. Compensation is distributed monthly.

Each Freelance Compensation Contract is assigned and agreed on by both parties.


If you are interested, please follow the link – APPLY NOW – to upload your resume and cover letter to Lee Clifford, CEO/Founder. The resume and cover letter must tell us which position you are applying for, a little bit about yourself and confirm that you are alcohol free, drug free and nicotine free. Your application will not be processed without these important steps being completed in full. Your contact information must be included (email & cell phone). Qualified candidates will first receive a phone call in which we will set up a Zoom meeting, then if we both feel there might be a fit, you will be invited to visit our Planning Office in Denver, PA for an interview.