Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Complex Founders Update

Our team wants to welcome you to share our vision of building a unique, drug-free destination for family recreation, group fellowship and addiction education. Unmaintained recovery can curtail anyone’s forward progress.

Please browse our website to see if there is an opportunity for you now or in the future by contacting us using our handy contact box (found under the Aware-A-News links).

To those of you who helped at any time during the process of this auspicious beginning thank you and please don’t hesitate to contact us for acknowledgement of our gratitude.

Thank you.

Founder Lee Clifford
and the team

It Gets Gooder

June 2022

Hello Community!

 June already! We have started to introduce our Volunteer Opportunities through our Social Media Platforms, please visit our volunteer web page under Work with Us. There might be a perfect fit just waiting for you to help this enormous project!

We do have our Donorship Opportunity in operation and all are welcome to donate, just click DONATE.

Our team is wrapping up the loose ends to launch the Land Funding Campaign targeted to businesses who know the need of the National Addiction Awareness Complex. Please visit!


Lee Clifford and the Team

May 2022

Hello Community

A lot of behind-the-scenes stuff has been getting accomplished over the past few months. So many trivial things one thinks, until you go ahead and tackle them, which then turns out to be another 10-hour day. Please if you have not yet, take your tour of the complex, which can be found on the home page of our website on the right side of the Awareness Complex Illustration, Justin and Jo did a nice Job on it.

The biggest and latest accomplishment has been selecting our secure carrier for our present and future funding campaigns processing. The next step was learning how to interact with the software, and to make it user friendly to all.

Because we are not yet ready for more office space, we are always moving a stack of stuff from there to over there.

I see the clarity of our message becoming sharper and focused as we move forward, but if one wishes they may dig down into the finer details.

Our first Funding Campaign Awareness Donorship, which will be an ongoing campaign for our operational expenses, has been cleared to start functioning. Please hit the Green DONATE Button found on our website if you wish to donate.

Our Land Funding Campaign is going to quickly follow with a launch in mid-May.  Nancy, Carl, Amanda, Jo, and Mackenzie made it happen. Information can easily be found on our website at https://nationaladdictionawarenesscomplex.org/funding-campaigns/awareness-complex-donor-partnership/, where you will see the six different option to participate as a Sponsor. We would love to have you as a Support Sponsor, if you are able.

Also in May, we will be searching for the perfect person with the “right stuff” to become our Volunteer Director of our Awareness Ambassadors. It is extremely exciting when I hear someone else giving the pitch with their own twist, about our National Addiction Awareness Complex.

We feel blessed and privileged to be working on this very necessary national project we lovingly call our Complex.