Awareness Billiard Chess Hall

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For indoor activities, the National Addiction Awareness Complex will have you covered! Enjoy billiards without the bar scene in a pool hall that stays open around the clock, seven days a week! Practice your hand-eye coordination on over 20 tables or take lessons on how to play or how to improve your game with our on-location billiards pro. You will be able to choose 4′x8′ tournament dimension tables and play by the hour or use the coin-operated barroom-size tables instead.

The National Addiction Awareness Complex will host league play and have quarterly and annual tournaments of straight pool, 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball or race to 100, plus 1/4 bragging rights tournaments. Repairs can be made at our billiard store where new equipment can also be purchased. Membership benefits apply.

For an intellectual challenge, we will have chess tables available for players of all ages. Also available 24/7, our chess boards will offer young and old opportunities to attain national exposure with ranked tournaments. Join a league and determine your ranking or take a class if you’re new or still learning. A juniors league is open for younger players serious about this age-old classic board game, which challenges the mind and encourages strategic thinking.