Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast!

Awareness Bed and Breakfast


A one-of-a-kind bed & breakfast that actually hopes to be duplicated, the National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast will provide incomparable housing to 400 guests of the Awareness Complex who wish to stay on site for the utmost in safe, drug-free living facilities. With 100 beautiful, family-friendly rooms, some suites will be able to sleep up to 8 guests and breakfast will be served daily.

VIP guests and visiting dignitaries enjoy additional perks such as a private garage with exclusive entry through the VIP Receiving area. VIP Awareness Bed & Breakfast apartments will offer comfort to the VIP guests, who may then take in the gorgeous view afforded by the panoramic Viewing Deck. Rank really does have its privileges!


Conveniently located with pathways leading to all sections of the Awareness Complex, guests are just a walk or bike ride away from all the attractions the National Addiction Awareness Complex has to offer. But guests won’t have to leave the National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast for activities—the bed & breakfast itself has something for both those in recovery and their families.

Its courtyard offers private amenities such as an outdoor pool, heated to extend the swimming season and a basketball hoop for establishing bragging rights. A pavilion that contains a fire ring for open-air support group meetings also has a grill so meals can be prepared and enjoyed outside. The pavilion has a fully functional kitchen with individual refrigerator space.

Inside the National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast, a huge greeting lobby allows friends old and new to meet. More private meetings may be held in breakout rooms that offer accommodations for forums, workshops and seminars.

Events / Functions

The National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast offers comfortable accommodations for those visitors who want to be close to everything. Making reservations will help ensure guests schedule their stays during particular event themes of interest. Stay-and-donate funding campaigns will be held once a year to offset the cost of operation.

Visit the National Addiction Awareness Bed & Breakfast and feel right at home!