Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Campground!

Awareness Campground


Your pathway to building new sober memories begins at the National Addiction Awareness Check-in & Store, the hub of the campground resort. Select from staying in your tents on one of 180 campsite spots or choose from the 80 log cabins that offer a full kitchen, come in two sizes and can sleep up to eight occupants.

Kids may opt for one of the 20 tree cabins, complete with heat/air-conditioning, microwave and fridge, while bunkhouses can accommodate larger groups. Day-trippers out for a more rugged field camping experience can purchase firewood and live the outdoor life where no water or electricity is provided. 80 RVs can fit comfortably in the Awareness RV Park.

After a dip in the pool, or after a day of heavy exercise playing baseball or volleyball, campers can utilize the laundry facilities and wash off in lockable showers in the secure restrooms. A playground, skateboard park and ice-skating rink complete the sporting recreational activities that can be enjoyed in the Awareness Campground. There will be even a greenhouse where those with a green thumb can “plant awareness for prevention” and come home with a mustard seed starter kit or legendary Bill Wilson’s Pass It On Plant.

The Awareness Complex’s security will be ensured by trained men and women that watch to make sure all policies are enforced throughout so that the grounds remain free of all drugs and children enjoy a completely safe environment at all times.


The National Addiction Awareness Campground will be the ideal spot for those looking to center themselves and become one with nature. Guests have the option of sleeping out under the stars, enjoying the comforts of home in heated/air-conditioned log cabins, retiring to more rustic cabins or remaining within their RV for the night. For those who wish to perform late-night sports or invigorating exercises, the activities areas are illuminated, so the fun doesn’t have to stop or be restricted to rigid schedules. Pets and bikers welcome!

Open to the public for all four seasons, the National Addiction Awareness Campground will be designed to be the national destination for drug-free camping for adults and children alike!

Events / Functions

The perfect summer camp experience, the National Addiction Awareness Campground may be reserved for field trips, group retreats, family reunions, honeymoons, anniversaries or for companies organizing team-building activities. Campers may time their stay to coincide with themed events at the National Addiction Awareness Complex to make the most of their stay and benefit from the experiences afforded by such themes as SoberStock, After Jail, First Responders and Doing It the First Time.

True to its purpose, the National Addiction Awareness Complex’s spacious Awareness Campground will hold daily open support group meetings at its Awareness Fire Pit, where the 5th Step may be burned away. The Campground Stage will be the perfect venue for forums, performances, talent shows and karaoke. The Outside Kitchen will be a convenient place to prepare meals and snacks, and Sunday Lunch will be a cook-off for all to share.

Nighttimes are perfect for making new friends and relaxing with loved ones while roasting hot dogs or marshmallows. Additional opportunities for making new friends and new memories come in the form of Awareness Bricklayer Weekends, where Donor Bricks are placed in the Awareness Pathways three times a year. These pathways, lit by solar-powered walk lights, offer ideal roads for sponsors and sponsees to walk on their own spiritual journeys.