Awareness Security Station

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At the National Addiction Awareness Complex, we believe awareness has to be friendly but firm. Our security staff of trained professionals will be present and on-hand to ensure guests are able to enjoy their stay with absolute safety, secure in the knowledge that no breach of rules will go unenforced. Violators will be removed to allow those in recovery to continue to live the addiction-free lifestyle they are working toward without temptations.

Though the National Addiction Awareness Complex is not a gun-free zone, the security staff is not here to be feared or make guests feel unwelcome. Quite the opposite. Their friendly, caring nature is what encourages them to do all they can to help provide a great, drug-free experience for those who choose that way of living.

When buses arrive, the security team will be the first to greet them, and if anyone needs to visit the Nurses Station or the Lost & Found, they are there to help. Our Security Staff plays an important role in making the National Addiction Awareness Complex a center for growth, serenity and family.