Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Event Area!

Awareness Event Area


One stop along the National Addiction Awareness Brick Pathway that visitors won’t want to miss is the Awareness Event Area. Its large, covered mega stage is complemented with a state-of-the-art sound system that will ensure the thousands of attendees will be able to fully appreciate the performances no matter where they are in the audience. The outdoor auditorium landscaping will allow for lawn seating for those who bring their own blankets or chairs, but if you can’t sit still when music is playing, come down to the front of the stage and dance on a dance floor made up of donor bricks.

Catch a T-shirt from our launching canon, take in a play, enjoy a concert or celebrate the holidays with us, knowing that all events are entirely secure for family safety. Awareness Restrooms, not portable toilets, come with showers that can be locked. Performers will enjoy a private green room/changing area behind the stage with their own covered rear entry and parking area approachable by tour bus so their security can be ensured as well. There will even be an Awareness Heliport for arrival by air!

In addition to a National Addiction Awareness Kiosk, rentable kiosks placed around the concert grounds will allow vendors to offer collectible merchandise or delicious goodies. These too are lockable and have alarms to protect the sellers’ inventory, and will have electricity, overhead lighting and heat or air-conditioning as needed.

Vending machines will also offer snacks or necessities for sale, while phone-charging stations allow guests to keep their phones fully charged, so that they can capture all these great new memories on camera and never forget the wonderful experience they had at the National Addiction Awareness Event Area!


Following in the footsteps of other national SoberStock events but taking it a step further, all events at the National Addiction Awareness Event Area will not only be alcohol- and drug-free but will also be smoke- and vape-free, ensuring that nothing will ruin the show.

Events / Functions

Awareness Outdoor Events will take place twice per month, totaling 24 fun-filled and wholesome events each year. With a 30/70 rule in mind, 30% of the events will be related to aspects of recovery, while 70% will be devoted to all sorts of entertainment and functions. Plus, a marathon auction will help with National Addiction Awareness funding for further exciting events.

The Awareness Event Area will be the ideal place for hayrides, church or company picnics, recovery walks, movie nights, yard sales, scavenger hunts, scout jamborees, weddings or celebrations. And since it is open all year round, autumn winds in our wide-open space makes for a perfect kite day while winter camping can be enhanced by snowman building or holiday get-togethers.

Speaking of holidays, special events will be planned for major holidays to make this a real holiday attraction. Fireworks on the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving dinners, a place to enjoy Memorial Day, Easter egg hunts, even Christmas in July. Or make your own event in the form of a biker weekend, car show, family reunion or whatever you can dream up!