Awareness Kiosks

Awareness Kiosks

To attract merchants to sell their wares at the shows held at the National Addiction Awareness Event Area, we’ve anticipated their needs to ensure that anything they would require will be already on-hand at the kiosks located on the Awareness Event Area grounds.

No matter what they sell, whether it be edibles or collectible memorabilia to remind guests of their stay at the National Addiction Awareness Complex, sellers will find our rentable kiosks fully equipped to handle their needs.

Air-conditioned or heated as the season demands, each kiosk will also have water and electricity. Overhead lighting helps display all items clearly, even when the sun goes down, and attached vending machines may be utilized for those help-yourself purchases.

Conveniently located not far from the stage, individuals wanting to rent our kiosks can look forward to a secure experience, knowing that their merchandise will be stored in kiosks that have alarms and the added protection afforded by our campground security.

A kiosk will also be reserved for National Addiction Awareness use, creating awareness for America!