Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Expo Center!

Awareness Expo Center


The National Addiction Awareness Expo Center will be the largest and most encompassing of the National Addiction Awareness Complex, as it will be three separate facilities in one — each with a thriving endeavor in its own right!

Begin your experience by entering the National Addiction Awareness Learning Center lobby and be awe-inspired by its extravagant 21/2-story height. The National Addiction Awareness Convention Center will not only have a main Convention Room that is spacious enough for any organization’s needs, it will also offer a Business Center, a Business Store, Breakout Rooms, Classrooms and a warming kitchen.

The National Addiction Awareness Museum will have 30 in-house, permanent exhibits and additional relocatable “visiting” exhibits. The Awareness Museum will explore the stigmas and myths surrounding what has become the #1 health issue in America and a consistently growing problem worldwide.

Parents can trust the museum with their kids, as security is a first-and-foremost concern at the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Exclusive rear parking is provided for school buses, separate from the parking areas allotted to staff, general visitors and coach transportation.


In addition to being the center of operations for the entire complex, the Awareness Learning Center will house Attorney offices where legal counsel can be obtained for any issue or concern related to particular addictions, a Lobby, Classrooms, Awareness Gift Shop, Bus Driver Lounge, Recording Studio, Auditorium, Restaurant Cafeteria, Banquet Hall, First Aid Stations Treatment Center, Referral Evaluation Offices, 12-Step Meeting Rooms, Reflection Room, Chapel, Interventionist, Online Addiction Library, Donor Room, Coffee Shop, University Research & Development Partners, Internship Programs, Administrative Offices, Security, Marketing & Printing, Addiction Awareness Tourism Center, Awareness Ambassadors, Planning Development Offices, Evaluation Service and a Community Kitchen.

National treatment centers can set up satellite offices within its 12 Resource Centers, accompanied by a Chapel, Cafeteria, Reflection Experience Lounge and 12-Step meeting rooms.

To the left of the Awareness Learning Center is the spacious, state-of-the-art Awareness Convention Center, equipped to accommodate large or small corporations and organizations as they gather here for 90-minute forums, half-day workshops, full-day conferences or three-day national conventions.

On the right of the Awareness Learning Center, the Awareness Museum will be the most comprehensive and educational exhibition on addiction in the nation. A wonderful attraction to enlighten and inform young minds and teach them about the facts and effects of addictions, the exhibits can reach approximately 594,000 students each year who will come to the Awareness Museum as a school field trip.

Events / Functions

No matter which section of the National Addiction Awareness Expo Center you visit, you will discover more about addiction than you ever thought possible. But you can’t visit it just once, as there is always more to learn, and this is the place to do it!