FAQ: Awareness Museum

A: The Addiction Awareness Museum will hold exhibits showing the effects addiction has on our society, government and families.

A: About 30 exhibits with room for traveling exhibits and guest exhibits.

A: The Awareness Museum will be the most comprehensive and educational exhibition on addiction in the nation. Exhibits will explore the History, Science and Culture of Addiction, Addiction & the Law, Economics of Addiction, Effects of Addiction in the Workplace and in the Military and Government to name a few. There will also be a smartphone app to help you on your educational journey.

A: Everyone from children to seniors will benefit by learning from the past, understand the present and embracing the future.

A: Yes, some exhibits may be graphic and would require a pass.

A: Schools may plan trips to include 2nd graders through seniors, medical and treatment professionals, organizations, colleges and families are among those who would be visiting.