Lee P. Clifford, Founder

Headshot of Lee Clifford

Lee Clifford is the founder and CEO of the National Addiction Awareness Complex. Lee designed and envisioned the Awareness Complex, as well as educates, selects and manages the team.

Lee graduated from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA, then enrolled in Northampton Community College. He was in the National Guard from 1969 to 1975. He branched out into management, business brokerage and self-employment; in doing so, Lee gained a strong knowledge of marketing and innovative, creative, business concepts. He has taken on several entrepreneurial roles in business and leadership, including that of the Director for a restaurant chain. He owned and operated a direct mailing company and several game rooms in shopping malls. He didn’t stop there! Lee also created addiction-related, full-cast audio books, as well as designed and manufactured solar greenhouses. His ventures have given him some unique experiences, like traveling the country for nearly three years in a mobile home!

Lee has been in recovery since August 20, 1986. He has mentored and sponsored others in recovery and developed an abundance of knowledge in the addiction and recovery world. This has fueled his inspiration to develop a resource for those touched by addiction: the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

It is time to put the Awareness Complex on the map. Building Addiction Awareness… for Everyone coming in 2022.

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