Sierra Taylor

Sierra joined the National Addiction Awareness Complex team as a writer in mid-2020. Sierra graduated from Millersville University in 2020, where she majored in English and minored in Creative Writing and Publishing. Ever since she was a kid, Sierra remembers having a love and passion for writing and creating. She is currently working on a Young Adult novel and has a slew of poetry she has created, as well. As long as she is writing, she is enjoying her time.

Sierra has a passion for helping others find their path to sobriety. She has been affected by addiction through multiple loved ones in her life, and she is proud to write for a company that has the same values she does.

In her personal life, Sierra enjoys laughing with her husband, cuddling with her dog and spending time with her mom, siblings, nieces and nephews. Sierra and her husband were excited to welcome their first child into the world in September 2020!

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