Crowdfunding Director

The Crowdfunding Director would formulate the full process of our many on-going crowdfunding projects, different crowdfunding companies and its management.

Person would be working with the start-up team and formulate strategies to raise funds, working with social media, marketing and video teams, setting up their own flexible schedule.

Responsibilities include:

  • Setting financial targets
  • Implementing fund-raising strategies
  • Developing timelines
  • Present ideas to social media, marketing and video teams

Experience required. Position requirements include being drug, alcohol and nicotine FREE. You must know and live a recovery life-style 24/7. In addition, applicants should:

  • Have financial management experience
  • Possess strong analytical skills and strategic thinking
  • Be a creative thinker and problem-solver with strong organizational skills
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Live within a short distance to our Denver, PA planning office
  • Possess a laptop and mobile phone
  • Understand the alcohol and drug recovery world
  • Have the ability to share our vision and have the passion to meet the challenges that come with such a vital and ground-breaking project

This crowdfunding director compensation method follows our Revenue Based Funding Compensation Agreement, which will be covered during the first interview. This is not a job offer, but rather an independent contractor agreement.

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