Awareness Public Relations Developer

The Awareness Public Relations Developer will create their own flexible schedule and work with our social media marketing team to publicize the National Addiction Awareness Complex funding campaigns.

Responsibilities include:

  • Presenting our vision to organizations, businesses and churches to publicize our funding campaigns and increase donations to the National Addiction Awareness Complex
  • Developing relationships with national organizations to publicize our funding campaigns and increase donations
  • Preparing news releases for social media and print and developing targeted email blasts
  • Handling incoming questions

Position requirements include being drug, alcohol and nicotine FREE. You must know and live a recovery lifestyle 24/7. In addition, applicants should:

  • Be able to commute to our Denver, PA planning office when needed
  • Be familiar with and use Microsoft Office programs
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Possess a laptop and mobile phone
  • Be a creative entrepreneurial thinker and problem-solver
  • Understand the alcohol and drug recovery world
  • Be able to work in harmony with our developing start-up team

Experience required: Salesmanship, Marketing, Public relations, Serenity and knowledge of the recovery world.

Successful candidate will be working as an Independent Freelance Contractor. This is a freelance project contract offer not a job offer. This unique opportunity can be made into a career for the right person. Candidate must live in / be familiar with one of the PA counties listed in our Regional Foot Print (below)

Fifteen-County Footprint Map

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