Awareness Complex Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome. Here is your opportunity to announce our vision and offer hope to friends, family and those who unfortunately have seen first hand the horror and helplessness of addiction. Families, churches, businesses, children, parents and communities can use the information the Awareness Complex will offer. Please review the posts below and subscribe to Aware-A-News to keep informed of new opportunities.

Awareness Ambassador Director

The Awareness Ambassador Director will manage and efficiently train our volunteer ambassadors. Our ideal candidate is an organized, experienced professional who is able to inspire others.

Responsibilities include:

  • Training volunteer ambassadors
  • Implementing strategies to promote the National Addiction Awareness Complex

Position requirements include being drug, alcohol and nicotine FREE. You must know and live a recovery life-style 24/7. In addition, applicants should:

  • Possess strong analytical skills and strategic thinking
  • Be a creative thinker and problem-solver with strong organizational skills
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Live within a short distance to our Denver, PA planning office or in a designated county
  • Possess a laptop and mobile phone
  • Understand the alcohol and drug recovery world
  • Have the ability to share our vision and have the passion to meet the challenges that come with such a vital and ground-breaking project

This Awareness Ambassador Director compensation method follows our Revenue Based Funding Compensation Agreement which will be covered during the first interview. There is no base salary. This is not a full-time job offer but could turn into one for the right individual.

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