Volunteer Awareness Ambassadors

Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Complex, conceived to promote awareness, knowing that it will increase and improve the much-needed prevention and support that those addicted to alcohol and drugs, along with their family, friends and co-workers, require for their continuous recovery.

If you share our vision and have a sincere desire to help, you can become a Volunteer Awareness Ambassador and help spread the word about our one-of-a-kind Awareness Complex.

Please understand the enormous undertaking involved in making our vision a reality cannot be fulfilled without support, and your participation will play an important part in its success.

There are many other opportunities to become involved, please visit our Volunteer pages at https://nationaladdictionawarenesscomplex.org/work-with-us/awareness-complex-volunteer-opportunities/.

As a thank you and show of appreciation for your efforts, we acknowledge all qualified ambassadors with a Footprint Plaque to be permanently hung in the halls of the Awareness Complex, as well as a duplicate plaque for you to hang in your home or office. Join us in a phenomenal adventure with enormous purpose.


• Individuals from all walks of life, all ages and economic backgrounds;

• People who live in the Pennsylvania counties shown on our Awareness Regional Footprint;

• Those who know that for recovery to work, the entire family needs education and support.

WHERE? Almost anywhere, concentrating in Southeast Pennsylvania:


• Distributing Awareness Complex information to friends, clergy, teachers, business associates, etc.;

• Helping at Awareness Events;

• Presenting the vision to people in your community;

• Organizing events in your community;

• Keeping alert for opportunities to present information on the Awareness Complex.


• Web developers

• Writers

• Accountant

• Administration

• Managers

• Attorney

• Researchers

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