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The Awareness Complex Vision is Emerging!

Founder’s Message — Let’s put the Awareness Complex on the map!

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Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Complex. We are in the planning and development stage of a phenomenal, first-of-its-kind destination for addiction-free learning, prevention and fellowship.

Help raise Addiction Awareness at a national attraction that entertains as it educates, all in a secure environment that is both safety-ensured and free of addictive substances.

With over 200 acres of beautiful southern Pennsylvania to call its home, the Awareness Complex will be composed of five sections that individually offer enough activities to be a tourist spot of its own. Together, they work as one to improve recovery awareness in America by offering features similar to those found elsewhere — but with a twist: they can all be enjoyed in a sober environment that is safe for both the recovering alcoholic/addict and his or her family.

Take in an outdoor concert or attend an exhibit at the Awareness Museum. Ride a zip line or relax around a campfire. Stay overnight in a rustic cabin or bask in the hospitalities of the Awareness Bed & Breakfast. All these possibilities and more are just a pathway’s distance from each other and all visits can be timed for a themed event that the Awareness Complex is hosting.

Additionally, services and support groups will be ready to provide those visitors in recovery any assistance they might need, ensuring that their stay is a beneficial one.

I thank all the special people, past and present, who have supported our efforts and brought us to this point. Let’s put the Awareness Complex on the Map!

Thank you,

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Lee P. Clifford, Founder and CEO
and the Team

Awareness Complex Features

Our Proud Statement

WHAT WE ARE NOT: The National Addiction Awareness Complex is not a detox center, hospital, treatment facility or halfway house.

THE AWARENESS COMPLEX: The National Addiction Awareness Complex is a first-of-its-kind, world-class destination that will include a Campground Resort, Bed & Breakfast, Enormous Event Area with Stage, Outdoor Attractions and Activities, Convention Center, Learning Center and an Addiction Awareness Museum which will benefit everyone from children to seniors. The Awareness Complex will be located on 200 acres in South/Eastern PA. The Awareness Complex is being developed as a venue where everyone can learn from the past, understand the present and embrace the future.

OUR MISSION is to provide a memory-making, drug-free Awareness Complex to play, stay and learn, where all will attain a new insight and have deeper understanding of an addiction-free lifestyle.

WHO WE ARE: We at the National Addiction Awareness Complex are a group of like minded, entrepreneurial-spirited individuals, who have come together to share our experience, education, fellowship and resources to address the subject of addiction in all its various forms in our society.

WE ARE PROUDLY building a team who enjoys an alcohol-free, drug-free, nicotine-free, sober lifestyle. If you have the same passion as we do, you may be a perfect fit for our team.