The National Addiction Awareness Complex (NAAC) is a nonprofit corporation which started with a vision – to put a family friendly drug and alcohol free destination on the map. We hope those who experience and enjoy this Unique Destination for Sober Lifestyles will be empowered to share what they’ve learned with their local communities.

We count on organizations, foundations, businesses and most importantly, individuals that share our vision and belief to support our ongoing mission.

Millions of Americans, of all ages, are affected by substance abuse and co-occurring mental disorders that not only take a toll on them personally, but also their families, loved ones and communities. Individuals and families navigating life in recovery are frequently battling the negative stigma of addiction, as well as the deeply intertwined nature of alcohol and drugs in our society. Combined with the lack of alcohol and drug free events, this can often feel isolating and is dangerous to those in recovery. However, we are literally surrounded by individuals and families that are willing and eager to manage life in recovery.

The National Addiction Awareness Complex will raise awareness and address the subject of addiction in all its various forms by providing people of all ages a destination to experience and learn about life in recovery. We hope they find the inspiration and insight and bring what they have learned back to their communities.

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The Awareness Complex is Emerging!

An illustrated map of the NAAC complex

Awareness Complex Highlights

The National Addiction Awareness Complex (NAAC) is planned to be a unique alcohol, drug and nicotine free destination for family recreation and group fellowship in a sober lifestyle setting. Founded December 8, 2014, as the National Addiction Awareness Museum, the name was changed in late 2016 when added features and opportunities for education and support were incorporated into the plans, resulting in a true complex of attractions. Envisioned to lay out over 200 acres, the National Addiction Awareness Complex when complete will be a spectacular, first-of-its-kind, world class national destination divided into the following five sections-all free of any addictive substances:

When finished, recovering alcoholics, addicts and their families will find numerous attractions that cater to those choosing to lead sober lifestyles. From camping to museum and learning center to concerts and holiday events there will be something for people of all ages! Brick pathways will link the complex to help guests easily move from one section of the complex to another. All attractions will be safe, sober and to the public. Wi-Fi will be available throughout most of the complex, trained professionals will man a First Aid Station and a Security Station with 24/7/365 monitoring and patrols will ensure guest safety.

Founder’s Message

Lee Clifford, founder of the NAACWelcome to the National Addiction Awareness Complex (NAAC)!

Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Complex. We are in the planning and development stage of a phenomenal, first-of-its-kind destination for addiction-free learning, prevention and fellowship.

Help raise Addiction Awareness at a national attraction that entertains as it educates, all in a secure environment that is both safety-ensured and free of addictive substances.

Planned to have over 200 acres of beautiful southern Pennsylvania to call its home, the Awareness Complex will be composed of five sections that individually offer enough activities to be a tourist spot of its own. Together, they work as one to improve recovery awareness in America by offering features similar to those found elsewhere — but with a twist: they can all be enjoyed in a sober environment that is safe for both the recovering alcoholic/addict and their family.

Take in an outdoor concert or attend an exhibit at the Awareness Museum. Ride a zip line or relax around a campfire. Stay overnight in a rustic cabin or bask in the hospitalities of the Awareness Bed & Breakfast. All these possibilities and more are just a pathway’s distance from each other and all visits can be timed for a themed event that the Awareness Complex is hosting.

Additionally, services and support groups will be ready to provide those visitors in recovery any assistance they might need, ensuring that their stay is a beneficial one.

I thank all the special people, past and present, who have supported our efforts and brought us to this point. Let’s put the Awareness Complex on the Map!

Thank you,

Lee P. Clifford, Founder and The NAAC Team

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