About Us

Greetings from the National Addiction Awareness Complex team. The people you are about to meet are a crew of passionate individuals who share the same hope and vision for the future. We are the first of our kind, coming from all walks of life, each having our own individual experiences that brought us here. We understand the need for creating awareness and the importance of living a sober lifestyle. Each person is motivated and dedicated to a cause greater than themselves. We are part of something BIG! Do you want to get involved? Visit our Work With Us section for details.

Current Team Members

Headshot of Lee Clifford

Lee P. Clifford, Founder

Lee Clifford is the founder and CEO of the National Addiction Awareness Complex. Lee designed and envisioned the Awareness Complex, as well as educates, selects and manages the team.

Lee graduated from Liberty High School in Bethlehem, PA, then enrolled in Northampton Community College. He was in the National Guard from 1969 to 1975. He branched out into management, business brokerage and self-employment; in doing so, Lee gained a strong knowledge of marketing and innovative, creative, business concepts. He has taken on several entrepreneurial roles in business and leadership, including that of the Director for a restaurant chain. He owned and operated a direct mailing company and several game rooms in shopping malls. He didn’t stop there! Lee also created addiction-related, full-cast audio books, as well as designed and manufactured solar greenhouses. His ventures have given him some unique experiences, like traveling the country for nearly three years in a mobile home!

Lee has been in recovery since August 20, 1986. He has mentored and sponsored others in recovery and developed an abundance of knowledge in the addiction and recovery world. This has fueled his inspiration to develop a resource for those touched by addiction: the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

It is time to put the Awareness Complex on the map. Building Addiction Awareness… for Everyone coming in 2022.

Headshot of Nancy Macklin

Nancy Macklin

Nancy Macklin is the Marketing Manager for the National Addiction Awareness Complex. She collaborates with the team on the development of marketing materials and branding.

Nancy has over 30 years of experience in project management, graphic design and print. She owns and operates Macklin Graphics in Pittsburgh, PA. Her strengths include: project management, design, production of materials for print and web, photo retouching, and vector art creation. Nancy has also created a line of greeting cards for her granddaughter Alexis and promotes the arts with children.

Nancy has raised two sons, Joseph and James, and has 4 granddaughters: Taylenn, Shanna, Alexis and Harper.

Headshot of Anthony Regolino

Anthony Regolino

Anthony Regolino handles the copywriting, editing, and proofreading for the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Anthony is a dedicated writer and creator. He trained on scholarship at NYU’s Dramatic Writing Program before dedicating himself to a career as a wordsmith. He has been employed for years as a book editor, has written blogs professionally for websites of major companies (such as Victor, the famous mousetrap company) and has had his poetry and fiction published by a variety of publishers. He is also a finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Award for 2020!

Headshot of Kristen Oberly

Kristen Oberly

Kristen Oberly is the artist / illustrator for the National Addiction Awareness Complex. She works closely with the team to visualize everything the Awareness Complex will have to offer.

Kristen is a graduate from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. She grew up in Reading, PA and started to pursue an interest in the world of art at a young age. She works in many different mediums over a vast range of topics and has been featured in galleries, literary/art magazines and various creative companies.

Other than being a talented artist, Kristen enjoys making music, writing, reading, immersing herself in strange ideas and spontaneous adventures.

Headshot of Dianna DeVaughn

Dianna DeVaughn

Diana DeVaughn serves as the Land Funding Director for the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

A graduate of Pennsylvania College of Technology, Diana is a successful owner and operator in the retail industry, with more than 17 years of experience in sales. She has great strength and determination, as displayed by her 28 years in recovery.

Headshot of Amanda Duffie-Fritz

Amanda Duffie-Fritz

Amanda Duffie-Fritz is responsible for the layout and design of the website for the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

A 2017 graduate of West Chester University, Amanda joined the team at Snap Computer Solutions in 2019. After completing her studies, she has worked with small and medium businesses throughout central Pennsylvania and the Main Line. Amanda is a dedicated professional. Her professional interests include small to medium business marketing analysis and strategy. Throughout her career she has developed a love for social media, web design and content marketing.

In her personal life, Amanda resides in southeast PA with her fiancé, Clint, and her German Shepherd, Marshall. In her free time, she enjoys riding, playing various sports, hiking and photography.

Headshot of Kendall Reinford

Kendall Reinford

Kendall Reinford works within the Information Technology realm of the website for the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Kendall developed an interest in technology at a young age. A dedicated dream maker, his interest led him to establish Snap Computer Solutions in 2002. He created this “one-stop-shop” for businesses looking for someone dependable, who can simplify and secure their IT. Kendall is passionate about his business and strives to provide scalable solutions that help businesses solve their IT problems and maximize the benefits of their technology. While Kendall enjoys his professional life, he also loves his personal life. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Elisa, and their children.

Sierra Taylor

Sierra joined the National Addiction Awareness Complex team as a writer in mid-2020. Sierra graduated from Millersville University in 2020, where she majored in English and minored in Creative Writing and Publishing. Ever since she was a kid, Sierra remembers having a love and passion for writing and creating. She is currently working on a Young Adult novel and has a slew of poetry she has created, as well. As long as she is writing, she is enjoying her time.

Sierra has a passion for helping others find their path to sobriety. She has been affected by addiction through multiple loved ones in her life, and she is proud to write for a company that has the same values she does.

In her personal life, Sierra enjoys laughing with her husband, cuddling with her dog and spending time with her mom, siblings, nieces and nephews. Sierra and her husband were excited to welcome their first child into the world in September 2020!

Headshot of Roger Gold

Roger Gold

Roger Gold joined the Awareness Complex team in April 2018. As an Awareness Complex Ambassador, he has experience in the fields of manufacturing, automotive sales rep and 6 years experience as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Roger enjoys his recovery from alcohol with a sober date of April 5, 1988. He comes with the passion, shared vision and experience explaining the development stages of the Awareness Complex.

Roger resides in Bethlehem PA.

Headshot of Carl Brubaker

Carl Brubaker

Carl Brubaker joined the team in March 2021. Having completed a Web Development and Design Certificate from HACC in December 2020, he was brought on to manage the website and get it ready for launching to the public.

Carl enjoys spending time with his wife and children and is involved in his church, New Beginnings Charis Fellowship in Myerstown, PA.

Headshot of Joanne Mercer

Joanne Mercer

A graduate of Millersville University, Jo earned her B.A. in English and Theatre. You may remember her from QVC where she represented The Quacker Factory, or other items you may have in your homes right now, like Mr. Sticky, Magic Cloth, or Chef’s Envy. Now, Jo is honored to be a member of the NAAC organization.

Jo grew up in a typesetting / printing family, and started proofreading at the early age of ten! She is known as “Hawk Eye” within the NAAC world, and can spot spelling errors instinctively.

Jo lives in Womelsdorf with her husband of 38 years and spends most of her spare time with her children and grandchildren, creating fond memories and plenty of love.

Headshot of Mackenzie Kohr

Mackenzie Kohr

Mackenzie Kohr is the Donorship Director of the National Addiction Awareness Complex. Mackenzie oversees all donations efforts, fundraising, and promotional strategies for this amazing non-profit organization.

Mackenzie is a 2020 graduate of Arizona State University, with a Bachelor of Art History and minor in Communications. She is currently enrolled at Widener University for her Master of Social Work and a Certificate in Criminal Justice.

In her free time, Mackenzie loves to spend time with her family and friends, usually going on spontaneous adventures. Her wild puppy, Oreo also keeps her busy.

Current Interns

Headshot of Kingston Hu

Kingston Hu

Kingston Hu is a data analyst intern who helped create databases for the National Addiction Awareness Complex. He is also responsible for helping keep the website updated.

Kingston is a senior at the Pennsylvania State University majoring in Data Science. Besides analyzing data, he likes to spend his free time hanging out with friends, going to the gym and playing sports. Kingston is part of the tennis club and a tour guide at Penn State.

Contributing Interns

Headshot of Raj Shah

Raj Shah

Raj Shah is part of the website development team for the National Addiction Awareness Complex and is also responsible for creating and starting the social media accounts.

Raj is a junior at Penn State University, studying computer science. While Raj is incredibly talented with computers, it doesn’t stop there. He also enjoys all sports and competes withing the Taekwondo Club at Penn State. He likes spending his free time bike riding and being with his friends and family.

Headshot of Doug Gardener

Doug Gardener

Doug Gardener was a part of our web development team as an IT intern responsible for making schema to better visualize the website during construction, as well as assisting in setting up donation collection systems and organizing company information.

Doug is a senior at Penn State University, studying Data Science. Doug not only enjoys data science but also is involved with THON and is a member of the ski club at Penn State. When not involved at school Doug enjoys skiing, mountain biking and swimming.