Awareness Complex FAQs

Where will the NAAC be built?

A site has not been selected for the NAAC, as of yet – however preliminary research and studies have identified Southeastern Pennsylvania as the target area for the site.

When will the NAAC open?

At the present, we are building awareness of our mission & vision and conducting fundraising campaigns to that will finance the search for and procurement of the land for the site. Once the site has a home, the plan is to open the Awareness Complex in stages. Please see the “History and Timeline” page for information on our target dates for opening various parts of the complex.

How large will the NAAC be?

The plan is to purchase over 200 acres of land for the complex. It could be larger depending on the location selected.

Will the NAAC have a treatment center?

No, the NAAC will not contain a detox facility, hospital, treatment center, nor sober living quarters. We do not intend to provide the “fix.” Instead, we are committed to providing knowledge and raising awareness about addiction, destigmatizing life in recovery, and providing a destination for activities to be enjoyed in a sober, fun environment.

Is the NAAC affiliated with AA, NA, or any recovery program??

No, the NAAC is a nonprofit corporation focused on providing recreation, entertainment, and education to raise awareness about addiction in all its forms. We do not provide counseling services. However, space will be made available for outside organizations, including recovery based organizations, to rent in order to hold events, meetings, or activities.

How much will it cost to construct the complex?

The NAAC is currently focusing fundraising efforts on securing the land for the Awareness Complex. This will require various studies, permits, and purchase of the land. Our fundraising goal to secure the land is $20M. Once the land is secured, the Awareness Complex sections will require additional funding. If you are interested in learning more or would like to work with us on this ambitious project, please contact us!

How will the project be funded?

The NAAC is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that will work with private individuals, foundations, and companies to finance the complex. This includes contributions such as generous donations, investments in securities, sponsorship of the NAAC, foundation grants, or partnering with us to market to our audience, to name a few. The NAAC will ultimately charge for services once operational.

How can individuals or companies make investments?

The NAAC will, at the appropriate times, release Private Placement Memorandums (PPM) that detail future investment opportunities in securities. For example, an investor could provide a portion of the capital needed to develop a section of, or a building on, the complex – the investor could then be entitled to a portion of the revenue generated by that investment over a period of time. Note – it would not be an investment in the organization.

How can I reach the NAAC if I have comments or questions?

We would love to hear from you! Please submit any questions or comments on our “Contact Us” page and a NAAC representative will be in touch!

Awareness Campground FAQs

Will the Campground be opened year round?

Yes, the intention is for the Campground to be opened year round.

Will camping equipment be available?

No, campers need to bring their own equipment but there will be an Awareness General Store for purchases.

Will the NAAC organize activities in which the public can participate?

Yes, once operational, the NAAC will post and inform our community of major (and minor) events at the complex. Additionally, we will provide information and schedules for any recovery meetings and other recovery fellowship activities happening at our site.

How many open field camping sites will there be?

We plan to have enough open field camping sites to accommodate all day visitors that may come to attend a large event.

How many camp sites will have electricity and water?

The current vision is to have between 150 – 200 sites with water and electricity.

I saw on the site that there are to be “Awareness Log Cabins” – how many people could those accommodate?

In our initial discussions, we have identified two sizes for our Awareness Log Cabins, each would have full kitchens, bath, and heat/air conditioning. The smaller size can sleep 4, while the other has a loft and could sleep 8.

I saw on the site that there are to be “Awareness Tree Cabins” – how many are you planning to build?

We are planning space for approximately 20 Awareness Tree Cabins which are intended to have a microwave, heat, and air-conditioning.

How many RV parking spaces will be available?

We envision approximately 80 spots for RVs with water and electric hookups.

Awareness Bed and Breakfast FAQs

Does an individual need to be in a recovery program to stay at the Awareness B&B?

No, everyone is welcome to come to the NAAC! Everyone must follow the guest rules (including no alcohol or addictive substances).

What is the planned room occupancy?

We are planning to have rooms for two up to eight people.

Will guests be able to access the refrigerator and kitchen?

Yes, all guests will be welcome to use the refrigerator and kitchen but will be expected to clean up after themselves.

I saw that there will be a golf range and practice green! Will I need to bring my own clubs?

No, we intend to have equipment for folks of all sizes.

Will guests be able to make use of the B&B rooftop for events?

Yes, all guests will be welcome to use the rooftop features.

As a Bed and Breakfast guest, will I be able to participate in the activities around the complex and use those amenities?

Yes, while the Awareness B&B has amenities only available to those guests, we welcome you to visit and experience all the Awareness Complex has to offer. We encourage fellowship!

Awareness Event Area FAQs

How many people will the event area hold?

The Awareness Event Area will be able to accommodate thousands of people per event. There will be capacity limits posted for specific types of events based on applicable laws and regulations.

What type of events can be held at the Awareness Event area?

The Awareness Event area will host events such as: Pavilion Meetings; SoberStock Concerts; Kite Day; Scout Jamboree; Memorial Day events; Bikers Weekend; 4th of July celebration; Thanksgiving celebration; Company picnics; Talent contests; Hayrides; Water balloon contests; Brick paving weekends; Landscaping fix-up events; Weddings; Yard sales; Scavenger hunts; Concert events; Kiosks; Fireworks; Picnic and grilling events; Movie nights; Christmas in July; Winter camping; faith based gatherings; Snowman building; Family reunions; Community picnics; Recovery walks; Carnivals; etc. Phone charging stations will be available for all events.

Can I be a vendor and sell food/merchandise at events?

Yes, we will have top of the line Kiosks that are fully functioning for independent vendors with electricity, water, heat and air-conditioning.

What are the concert/stage functions?

There will be a full backstage set up to accommodate special weather conditions and it will have sound and lighting systems.

Will there be marketing assistance provided for vendors?

Yes, any of your promotional handouts will be available at the entrance to the Awareness Complex and we envision a product cannon to disperse promotional items. Vendors can also announce their participation at our events through our Aware-A-News channels.

Will there be restrooms available?

Yes, there will be top shelf high security Restrooms.

Awareness Attractions & Activities Area FAQs

Who can visit the Awareness Complex Attractions and Activities?

The Awareness Complex attractions will be available for everyone (general public) who would like to experience amusements in a totally drug-free, sober atmosphere where adults and children are safe and able to enjoy a great time.

Who can attend? Do I need to be in a recovery program?

Everyone is invited to attend! Those in recovery, families, friends groups… anyone who would like to enjoy a safe place to have fun!

I smoke cigarettes, will the Awareness Complex Attractions and Activities Area have a smoking section?

There is no smoking at the Awareness Attractions and Activities area there are other visitors at the Awareness Complex who may be addicted to cigarettes/nicotine and trying to quit.

Can the guests who are camping or visiting the Awareness Expo Center visit the Awareness Attractions and Activities Area?

Yes, those guests who are camping, staying at the Awareness Bed & Breakfast, attending an event, or visiting the Awareness Expo Center are encouraged to have fun at the Awareness Attractions & Activities Area.

Awareness Expo Center FAQs

What will be contained within the Awareness Expo Center?

The Awareness Expo Center will be the largest facility on the Awareness Complex and include the Awareness Convention Center, Learning Center and Museum.

What will the Expo Center Rooftop be used for?

Awareness Expo Center Rooftop Activities will be listed in the Awareness Expo Center lobby.

Who will be able to rent the rooftop?

Any group, organization, business, or faith-based organization hosting an event at the Expo Center or any guest staying at the Awareness Complex Campground or Bed & Breakfast can rent the rooftop as long as they comply with the policies of the Awareness Complex.

Can the rooftop be used as an extension area of other ongoing functions at the complex?

Yes, it can act as a huge outdoor hospitality area for your group.

Awareness Convention Center FAQs

What is in the Awareness Convention Center?

The National Awareness Convention Center will not only have convention rooms, it will offer a business center and business store, breakout rooms, classrooms, storage area and a loading dock.

What kind of events will be held at the Awareness Convention Center?

The National Awareness Convention Center’s Convention Rooms will be available for addiction and recovery conventions, 90-minute forums, half-day workshops, full-day conferences and three-day national conventions, car shows, boat shows and Super Bowls to name a few.

Awareness Learning Center FAQs

What will be found in the Awareness Learning Center?

The Awareness Learning Center will house a beautiful lobby, Addiction Attorney Offices, Classrooms, an Awareness Gift Shop, Bus Driver Lounge, Recording Studio, Auditorium, Banquet Hall, First Aid Station Treatment Center Referral Evaluation Offices and much more.

Awareness Museum Center FAQs

What kind of exhibits will be displayed at the Awareness Museum?

The Awareness Museum will be the most comprehensive and educational exhibition on addiction in the nation. A wonderful attraction to enlighten and inform young minds and teach them about the facts and effects of addiction, as well as adults and those in recovery and their loved ones. Exhibits will explore the history, science and culture of addiction, addiction & the Law, economics of addiction, and the effects of addiction in the workplace, to name a few. There will also be a smartphone app to help you on your educational journey.

Will there be any technology available to help individuals explore the Awareness Museum?

The Awareness Museum Buddy will be an app available for download. Features of the app include being able to measure your knowledge of addiction and the ability to store and compare information. This information will be kept confidential, or you can share it with an on-site counselor, clergy or treatment center professional. Information you choose to share about your tour of the Awareness Museum will be analyzed by the museum research department to provide updated information on effective displays, as well as general knowledge of addictions. It will also provide future guidance to steer professionals in the thought process involved with addictions and the direction of treatment.

How many people will visit the museum each year?

With attractions to enlighten and inform young minds and teach them about the facts and effects of addiction, the exhibits will hopefully reach hundreds of thousands of students each year who come to the Awareness Museum on school field trips. Adults and those in recovery can also learn from and enjoy the exhibits.

What will be included in the Addiction Awareness Museum?

The Museum will hold exhibits showing the effects of addiction on our society, government, and families.

How many exhibits are planned?

Based on our initial conversations, we are expecting approximately 30 exhibits with room for traveling exhibits and guest exhibits.

Who would benefit the most by visiting the Awareness Museum?

Everyone, from children to seniors, will benefit by learning from the past, understanding the present, and learning how to impact the future.

What kinds of groups would be visiting the Awareness Museum?

We believe that everyone could benefit from visiting the Awareness museum. We encourage families, organizations, businesses, students, healthcare professionals, legal professionals, law enforcement professionals, and others to visit once open!