Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Convention Center!

Organizations and companies of any size will find their needs more than amply met at the National Addiction Awareness Convention Center. This spacious facility, with its state-of-the-art setup, will make visitors forget that they are in the middle of a rural campground.

Each year, the Awareness Convention Center will host approximately 336 ninety-minute forums, 740 half-day workshops, 24 full-day conferences and 24 three-day national conventions. Able to be coordinated with themed events going on throughout the National Addiction Awareness Complex, scheduled use will be 30% addiction-related and 70% open to other areas of interest. Car shows, class reunions, wedding or graduation ceremonies, job fairs, Halloween spook tours and drug-free Super Bowl mega parties are just a sample of the ideas for which the center can be used.

Its main Convention Room will accommodate several hundred vendors for conventions, whose wares and equipment can be housed in absolute security in the Convention Storage Area. Vendors, as well as speakers at the convention, can utilize the Convention Loading Dock as needed and will find offices and classrooms at their disposal for their business and demonstration needs. The classrooms are also perfect for workshops focusing on convention topics and breakout rooms offer venues for post-convention meetings.

Computers and other amenities will be found in the Awareness Convention Center’s Business Center, while its Business Store will carry many of the office-related necessities a vendor might have forgotten. Finally, conventioneers will be able to go to the Warming Kitchen for meals between events. At the National Addiction Awareness Convention Center, we think of everything so you don’t have to leave and miss a thing!