Welcome to the National Addiction Awareness Learning Center!

The heart of the entire National Addiction Awareness Complex, the Awareness Learning Center is the first stop on the journey to addiction awareness for visitors from all over the country.

National treatment centers will be able to set up satellite offices in one of our 12 Resource Centers, complete with a professionally staffed Clinical Reception area. All under one roof and in the safest, drug-free facility you could ever hope to find, the Awareness Learning Center will feature an intervention area, 12-step meeting rooms, a chapel and a reflection lounge — a quiet retreat for contemplating one’s addiction concerns.

Addiction Attorney offices will offer legal counsel in regards to any concerns a recovering addict may be dealing with and drug testing is available for those needing it for whatever reason (to get a new job, satisfy a court-ordered mandate, etc.).

In addition to classroom options for all ages, a general auditorium will seat 1,500 guests. There is also an auditorium for kids and one for young adults. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles can relax with peace of mind in our Parents’ Lounge, assured that their loved ones will be enjoying their learning experience under full security measures. Relatives are also invited to explore our extensive film library so they too can discover for themselves the facts about addiction in all its forms.

In the Awareness Learning Center visitors can find the plush and decorative Donors Room, in commemoration of the extraordinary generosity of those who contributed Charitable and Last Will and Testimony Gifts. It will also be the center of operations for the entire National Addiction Awareness Complex, where our Administrative Offices, Financial and Accounting Offices, Marketing and Public Relations Offices and IT Services will have professionals that take care of all the details to keep the Awareness Complex running smoothly and efficiently.

Before leaving the National Addiction Awareness Learning Center and bringing back the knowledge learned within its walls, be sure to visit the Awareness Gift Shop for awareness merchandise that you can bring back as well. Enjoy a meal in one of our eating areas: a 600-seat cafeteria and dining area, a separate student cafeteria that can accommodate 400 students per hour and a 1,000-seat banquet hall that can be rented for any occasion or alcohol-free event.

National Addiction Awareness Learning Center is the portal to more learning opportunities about the many addictions people deal with and the ways it affects those around them.