Show your support by being a Marketing Partner as the NAAC reaches thousands of individuals, families, and businesses in our regional PA footprint & across the Nation! Contact us today if you are interested in becoming a marketing partner!

Awareness Emails

Awareness Emails

Awareness Email marketing partners are individuals, businesses or organizations who show their support by having their logo added to all emails and newsletters by the NAAC on a rotating basis.

We intend to reach thousands of individuals through these communications will tailor different messages to various target audiences.

SMM Platforms

Awareness SMM Platforms

Awareness Social Media marketing partners will have their sponsorship of the NAAC demonstrated by having their logo shown on NAAC social media platforms, including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram.

Show your support of the Vision and we will help generate additional followers of your business!

Awareness Videos

Awareness Videos

Awareness Video marketing partners have their logo added to the campaign video theme they choose to support (e.g. Complex Tour, Land Funding, Mobile Visitor).

Your company name and image will be mentioned in support of the video development. The Awareness Complex video will be posted on our website, social media platforms, and on YouTube for viewers information.

How and Where We Market

1. Awareness Email Marketing

  • Fundraising emails sent to targeted businesses and interested members of the community
  • Marketing partners highlighted in our monthly Aware-A-News Newsletter
  • Highlight our partners in all our formal outreach
Sample Email

2. Awareness Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing content released on our Twitter(X), LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram Platforms
  • Different target markets reached across our various platforms
  • Unique content specifically geared toward our social media followers
Sample Email

3. Awareness Marketing Videos

  • Viewed heavily by our website visitors
  • All job and volunteer applicants view the “Take our Tour” video
  • Video inventory will grow as we develop more content
Sample Email

National Map

Emails, videos, newsletters, and social media will be available to all of our national followers…

Local Map

…while our local events & targeted outreach will reach our Regional PA Footprint

If you support our vision, please consider making a donation or joining our mailing list to stay AWARE of the NAAC’s progress and receive news about events and activities!