Welcome to our Awareness Complex Vision!


Luxuriously laid out over 100 acres of rolling hills in southern Pennsylvania, the National Addiction Awareness Complex will be a spectacular, first-of-its-kind, world-class national destination attraction divided into the following five sections:


What makes the National Addiction Awareness Complex unique is its dedication to securing an atmosphere free of any addictive substances, especially alcohol and nicotine. Originally starting out as the National Addiction Awareness Museum, its name changed in late 2016 when added features and opportunities for education and support were incorporated into the plans, resulting in a true complex of attractions. The National Addiction Awareness Complex is NOT a detox or treatment center and is in no way identifiable as a halfway house. We do not provide the fix. Instead, we are a privately funded project committed to providing facts and information to eliminate the guesswork behind addiction. We will do so in an environment of safe, sober fun for the whole supportive family!

Events / Functions

Recovering alcoholics/addicts and their families will find numerous attractions that cater to those choosing to lead sober lifestyles. Camping or park attractions, a museum and learning center, concerts and holiday events … there is something for everyone, young and old. And for those who wish a more serine area for reflection or the nurturing comfort of a support group, there are plenty of opportunities to experience that. Pathways link each of the five sections to aid guests in locating their desired destination, and all attractions are open to the public. Learning is for everyone, and it is important to educate all so that addiction can be better understood. Learning is the cure, while ignorance is the disease.

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