Founder’s Update

Lee Clifford, founder of the NAAC

Keep current with the latest developments at the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Sober Life Events

Sober Lifestyle Events

Upcoming sober lifestyle events at the National Addiction Awareness Complex or other locations are posted here and on our social media platforms.

Contact us if you have an event that you would like to post!

Funding Campaign News

Funding Campaign News

The NAAC has launched its initial fundraising campaign to raise funds to purchase the land for the complex. Keep track of our progress!


Update on Building & Operations

The NAAC has engaged experienced professionals who are giving back their time by assisting the NAAC with the planning and development of the complex. Check here for news and updates on progress.

Awareness Blog

Eugene's Blog

Come check out what our blogger has to say about a range of topics from what is going on at the Awareness Complex to thoughts on a Sober Lifestyle!

Take Our Survey

Take Our Survey

Please take our Survey! You can also tweet at us (for those under 30), fill out the contact form on our site (for those under 50), or send a letter to 352 Main Street, Denver, PA (those over 50).