Hello & Welcome! It is hard to believe we are already in February!

Now that our new website has been relaunched and we’ve begun to roll out our marketing plan, we have started to see an uptick in website visitors, donors, and folks joining the mailing list – a truly exciting time!

I have a request for all of you reading this update – if you are interested in getting involved in this enormous project please consider volunteering your time as an Awareness Ambassador.

We are looking to recruit an energetic team of Volunteer Ambassadors to spread the word of the Awareness Complex in their communities. Essentially, you would be talking to those you know and handing out / posting our marketing materials to folks you know that may be interested in learning more about our enormous undertaking! If you think you might be interested in volunteering as an Ambassador, please send us your contact information here.

Get Involved and help us put this Unique Destination on the map!

Posted on February 5, 2024