We are refreshed and ready to go! Now that COVID is behind us, the NAAC has revamped its website and is launching our first sponsorship campaign – VISIONARY LAND SPONSORS!

Our first goal is to have 1,000 folks sign up for our mailing list – no commitment necessary! This is truly a grassroots movement and we want everyone who is interested in making this vision a reality to stay informed and get involved if they so chose.

Please take a look at our updated site and make a donation, sign up for our mailing list, apply for a position (paid or volunteer), or buy some NAAC merchandise! We hope you will find something that interests you and you spread the word to other interested folks. We are also in the process of finding land sponsors to help us finance the search for and procurement of our site! This is a large undertaking and we can always use help!

Get Involved and help us put this Unique Destination on the map!

Posted on January 8, 2024