FAQ: Awareness Event Area

A: The Awareness Complex will be able to accommodate thousands of people on a daily basis.

A: The Awareness Event area will host events such as: Pavilion Meetings; SoberStock Concerts; Kite Day; Scout Jamboree; Memorial Day events; Bikers Weekend; 4th of July celebration; Thanksgiving celebration; Company picnics; Talent contests; Hayrides; Water balloon contests; Brick paving weekends; Landscaping fix-up events; Weddings; Yard sales; Scavenger hunts; Concert events; Kiosks; Fireworks; Picnic and grilling events; Movie nights; Christmas in July; Winter camping; Church picnics; Snowman building; Family reunions; Community picnics; Recovery walks; Carnivals; etc. Phone charging stations will be available for all events.

A: Yes, we will have top of the line Kiosks that are full functioning for independent vendors with electricity, water, heat and air-conditioning.

A: There will be a full back stage set up to accommodate special weather conditions and will have sound and light systems.

A: Yes, your promotional handouts will be available at the entrance to the Awareness Complex and a free product cannon will hold your promotional items.

A: Yes, there will be topshelf restrooms with showers.