It is January 1, 2024 and I am more excited now for the Awareness Complex Project than I was in the initial stages of this process! We have a solid internal team who are all deeply involved and each can explain our vision concisely.

We had several items that needed some tweaking on our new website, so we pulled it back in the garage and gave it a thorough tune-up. This will be an ongoing process because the development team keeps producing new and better stuff. As of January 8, 2024, we are officially re-launched.

Our Goals for 2024 are big!

Goal One: Build Awareness…of the Awareness Complex

Our team will be reaching out to our thousands of known contacts and engaging folks who are interested in turning this vision into a reality. We hope they will join our mailing list and get involved in any capacity to stay updated on fundraising progress, sober lifestyle events and activities in the area, and other related news! We will continually update our followers on how many people we have interested in this project to show the world the massive amount of interest!

Goal Two: Engage the Community

The NAAC team will be having hosting and sponsoring events in the SE Pennsylvania area starting in 2024. This will not only help us meet our first goal of raising awareness – but it will be a chance to really hear from the community what they think of our project and how we can best meet the needs of those in recovery, their families, and others who would enjoy our unique destination for family recreation and group fellowship!

Goal Three: Secure the Site to Build the Complex

Ultimately – we are driving toward securing the land for the Complex. We have a multi-pronged approach to fundraising in order to secure the capital needed to purchase the land. This includes everything from generous donations from the public as well as attracting sponsors and marketing partners. Additionally, we have been, and will continue, to engage community leaders in the SE Pennsylvania area to discuss locations that would be attractive for the complex. The economic and societal impact of this complex will be enormous and we want to make sure we have the right partners in every facet.

Goal Four: Set the NAAC Up for Sustainable Growth in 2024, 2025, and Beyond!

In order to execute on a project of this magnitude, we are ensuring our internal policies and processes are built to allow for rapid growth. Additionally, we are reaching out to engage people who are interested in being part of the NAAC team as either team members, volunteers, Ambassadors, or planners for the sections of the Awareness Complex. Additionally, we will be offering select investment opportunities to private enterprises at the appropriate times to attract the right partners.

2024 is bound to be exciting – so please, join us, engage with us, or support us wherever and however you can!

Thank you,

Lee Clifford

Posted on January 1, 2024