Job Description

The Freelance Content Writer will work remotely 95% of the time and is responsible for writing and editing copy and applying their life skills and experience to promote the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Responsibilities may include…

  • Writing and editing copy for news releases, blogs, social media and website content to promote the National Addiction Awareness Complex.
  • Writing and editing copy for our funding campaigns and marketing materials.
  • Writing and editing copy for our newsletter.
  • Participating in design/production meetings via Zoom or at our planning office.
  • Participate in creating a schedule and meeting deadlines.
  • Writer may assist in grant applications or provide content for alternative fundraising efforts.

Position requirements include being fully aware of the addiction and recovery world. Persons in recovery are welcome to apply but need a minimum of 6 months of continuous recovery. You must be drug and alcohol FREE and live a recovery life-style 24/7. In addition, applicants should:

  • Be familiar with social media and funding campaigns.
  • Possess a laptop and a mobile phone.
  • Possess strong organizational skills.
  • Be a creative thinker and problem-solver.
  • Have excellent communication skills.
  • Live within a short distance to our Denver, PA planning office.
  • Understand the alcohol and drug recovery world.

This freelance content writer compensation method follows our Revenue Based Funding Compensation Agreement which will be covered during the first interview. There is no base salary. This is not a full-time job offer but could turn into one for the right individual.

    Posted on January 8, 2024