Hello Community! I am Eugene – a contributing writer for the The National Addiction Awareness Complex.

In my first blog post I wanted to walk through the vision for the complex, why we believe it will be impactful, and how we arrived here. So, what is this vision?! Imagine a place where you could go as a family or recovery group and fully immerse yourself in a drug-free experience of learning, playing, growing spiritually, resting, and getting life-changing insights through interacting with like-minded people!

We are on a mission to provide a safe drug- and alcohol-free environment where people can relax in an amazing setting while improving their recovery awareness and getting a deeper understanding of an addiction-free lifestyle. We are planning to lay out the Awareness Complex over 200 acres of charming Southern Pennsylvania landscape and that will become a recreation destination that entertains as it educates. Each month I will post to the blog to bring you something interesting and exciting about the Awareness Complex.

Addiction is ravaging our society. The National Addiction Awareness Complex is a truly groundbreaking initiative – the first of its kind destination in the realm of addiction awareness and prevention. Nothing like that has ever been done before! So why this concept for the Awareness Complex? Metaphorically speaking, we threw the idea into a “rock tumbler” – a process of careful scrutiny and collaborative refinement. Just as a rock tumbler smooths and polishes rough stones we refined, developed, and improved the initial concept. What came out is The Awareness Complex – a unique environment free from addictive substances, focused entirely on addiction awareness, prevention, and supporting families and communities.

Addiction thrives on misconceptions and judgment. Our goal is to create a safe space where individuals and families affected by addiction can find support without any fear of judgment. As we delve deeper into the project’s history and future, we are asking for your help. There are many ways you can participate in this endeavor – from volunteering to donating. You can join our team, volunteer, become an ambassador in your community, participate in our planning team, or render professional services. Check out the full list of opportunities here. As the saying goes, “The road is yours alone, you can never walk it alone.”

As a member of Adult Children of Alcoholics and Other Dysfunctional Families (ACA), I know the importance of breaking isolation every day. When I am isolated, my old patterns of thinking kick back in. But when I habitually get out of isolation by connecting with my fellow travelers, my brain gets rewired through empathy and compassion. I am less triggered by situations that would cause me to stumble before. Creating an environment where such empathetic fellowship is available 24/7 is a breakthrough and a huge step towards overcoming addiction on individual and societal levels. Do you want to go on a helicopter ride over the Complex? Let me take you there. The National Addiction Awareness Complex will be a spectacular, first-of-its-kind, world-class national destination attraction divided into the following five sections tied together by a brick Pathway. In this helicopter ride, you will see:

In future blogs, we will land on each individual section and zoom in on the vision behind it. I will be interviewing each member of the team, and this will be called Eugene’s Talking Tour. Have an idea, opinion, or comment? Please Contact Us and share your thoughts on our project. Let’s put the Awareness Complex on the map!

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Posted on February 15, 2024